How you get Plugged in Midlands Points and use them on the EV Experiences

By collecting Plugged in Midlands Points whilst charging your electric vehicle, Plugged in Midlands members have the chance to drive our fleet of electric vehicles, including a BMW i8 and Teslas.

  • Every time you charge using a Plugged in Midlands site in a particular town each month using your Plugged in Midlands card you will awarded 10 points.
  • From August 1st 2015 you are also awarded 10 bonus points at the time you have a Chargemaster Homecharge Unit fitted to your home under the government sponsored scheme.
  • These are counted up on your account cumulatively and can be seen on your account section of Plugged in Midlands website.
  • A EV Experience is a week with one of the cars listed on the facing page and your account will be debited with the number of points listed against that car. Any cumulative balance on your account will be carried forward to be used in future months.
  • The EV Experience week runs from 10am on each Tuesday until the following Monday at 12 noon. Cars must be collected and returned to Chargemaster’s base in Bedfordshire.
  • You can apply for the use of one of the fleet of cards on the Member section of our website between the 1st and 10th of each month for the use of cars in the following calendar month. Points earned by members cumulatively up to the end of the previous month before application will be eligible.
  • Cars will be provided with complimentary Plugged in Midlands cards with no electricity charges on the Plugged in Midlands network. They will also be insured (subject to license restrictions) with damage excess.
  • Four members will be awarded one week’s use of each car every month. Priority each month will be given to the member with the highest current cumulative ChargeGo points.
  • Applicants will be notified by e-mail by the 13th of each month. Any unsuccessful applicants will be invited to apply again the following month or any subsequent month.
  • Members will not be eligible to take the same premium car (BMW i8 or Teslas) more than once in any three-month period. (Note: You can apply for a BMW i8 one month and a Tesla the next month.)