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Funding for the eight PiPs from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles ceased in 2014 and public sector operators have been opting to transfer operation of the charging points to self-sustaining business models, often via a private sector partnership.

Cenex, operators of the Plugged in Midlands Network estate, has followed this path and following a competitive selection process, has now appointed Chargemaster to run the Plugged in Midlands estate. Chargemaster is the largest UK supplier and operator of charging points and its POLAR network already comprises over 5,000 charging points across the UK.

In time, the Plugged in Midlands estate will be connected to Chargemaster’s POLAR network. This means UK electric vehicle users will have access to the vast majority of charging points, reducing range anxiety and supporting the integration of Electric Vehicles into every day transport models. It will also pave the way for access to charge points via both an easy-to-use RFID card and via a smartphone App. A choice of tariffs will be offered, with many charging points remaining free to use.

The agreement with Chargemaster will help consolidate the Midlands charge points within a wider national network and provide a platform for improved customer service for both motorists and charge point hosts

However it is important to realise that these changes will not happen overnight. The intention is to minimise disruption in the short term. As each step of the process to provide this service is completed, Chargemaster will provide updates via this Plugged in Midlands Website and by emails and direct communication. The transition arrangements now in place aim to ensure that Plugged in Midlands members will be able to continue to access charge points using their current RFID cards, whilst charge point hosts will still be able to access all the services provided by their current charge point and back office service providers.

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